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Dr. Ricardo Robles, Assistant Principal


Phone: 626-396-5600 ext. 82096

Dr. Ricardo Robles

As an alumnus of John Muir High School, I am more than proud to now be the Assistant Principal of this great school. I am a proud Mustang who is honored to return to Muir to serve our community and our next generation. I am dedicated to making our students’ high school experience a memorable and enjoyable one. With the rigor in our classes, our wall-to-wall academies, our emphasis on preparing students for college coupled with Muir being an early college magnet, and the rich history of extracurricular activities, including sports, I am confident that our Mustangs will graduate from Muir with wonderful memories and prepared for life after high school.

Our school’s vision statement reads, “Mustangs will learn to dream, be empowered, and have a purpose.” Collectively, we work to make this vision a reality through the various opportunities we provide our students and the relationships we build with them. Our students are challenged through their coursework, they are challenged competitively, both with academic and physical competitions. Our students current needs and their future aspirations drive us in our daily work and our daily interactions with them. 

A great part of the success we experience as a school has to do with the Mustang Family and Mustang Community. Our Alumni Association is strong and active, looking to continue the legacy and tradition associated with John Muir High School Early College Magnet. We welcome parents at Muir, and hear their voices through the various parent groups. We are better able to meet our students' diversity of needs when we listen closely to Mustang Families and the Mustang Community.

Whenever you feel the need to contact me, my door is always open, and you can also call or email me.

Ricardo Robles
Assistant Principal
626-396-5600 ext. 82096