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Fine and Performing Arts


Ms. Cassandra Franklin, Ms. Cynthia Lake, Ms. Karen Klages

Fine Art

STUDIO ARTS – GRADES 9-12 A-G Approved Max. Prerequisite: Recommend Art P This course offers basic craft techniques for three-dimensional design in a variety of materials: paper, fabrics, fiber, leather, beads, dyes, clay, sheet metal, manipulation of wire, enameling and a variety of jewelry skills including etching, appliqué, soldering, piercing and learning finishing techniques. Design of good composition and form is stressed. 

AP STUDIO ART* – GRADES 10-12 A-G Approved Max. Prerequisite: Teacher Approval AP Studio Art is engaged in the creation of quality work that will be submitted for the AP Studio Art portfolios. The work is part of a 3-section portfolio that involves depth, breadth, and concentration. All work must show that the students have an understanding of the art elements, principles, and a skill level that indicates a mastery of media and materials.

CERAMICS P – GRADES 10-12 A-G Approved Max. 20 CREDITS Prerequisite: Recommend Art P or Design AB prior to enrollment This course is a fundamental course in clay. The first semester explores primary building techniques (pinch, coil, slab, and form) which develop visual and tactile skills for creating ceramic forms. The second semester provides an opportunity to explore variations on basic skills, techniques of construction, and surface enrichment. Introduction to the potter’s wheel

Performing Arts

ADVANCED BAND – GRADES 10-12 A-G Approved. The course in Advanced Band is designed to equip the student with techniques in instrumental music performance along with a broad overview of music, its history and development, and its form. Upon completing the course, the student will possess the necessary skills to perform vocationally and/or have a strong background on which they may continue to develop their talents towards a musical vocation. AP

MUSIC THEORY – GRADES 10-12 A-G Approved. The AP Music Theory course corresponds to two semesters of a typical introductory college music theory course designed to develop a student’s ability to recognize, understand, and describe the basic materials and processes of music that are heard or presented in a score. These abilities will be developed through various listening, performance, written, creative, and analytical exercises. 30

CHORUS - GRADES 9-12 A-G Approved Max. 40 CREDITS This course provides the beginning and intermediate singer an opportunity to develop and perfect vocal skills through choral literature. Some performances may be required.

MUSIC APPRECIATION – GRADES 9-12 A-G Approved. This one-year course is divided into two sections. First semester – exploring the students’ existing references and understanding of music, the history and styles of the 20 th century including jazz, rock, music theater, film, and contemporary academic music. Second semester – the fundamentals of music, basic rhythm and note reading, world (ethnic) music, history of Western academic music (middle ages to the 19 th century). The course includes a strong listening/ recognition component, analysis of music reviews and performances, and the development of an ability to perform on percussion instruments and the recorder. Exposure to live performance and instrument demonstrations is provided throughout the year.