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Mathematics Department

The Math Department at John Muir High School Early College Magnet recognizes the importance of mathematical knowledge and problem solving skills within the 21st century. Students are taught to use 21st Century Skills to help them succeed academically. The skills they will learn and thrive on are skills to help them communicatecreate, and think critically.  As the role of technology continues its dominance in modern society, individuals will need stronger quantitative-reasoning skills in order to make effective decisions. Therefore, the Math Department engages in a contemporary curriculum that is designed to develop the student’s ability to make informed decisions as well as to apply relevant concepts from a host of given tools and strategies.

Mr. Alexander Kim, Mr. Bharatchandra Parekh, Ms. Yereny Loera, Ms. Alicia Flores, Ms. Isabelle Cheng, Mr. Ryan Flores, Ms. Ana Demarco, and Mr. Mario Hernandez. Not pictured: Danny Huerta and DeShaunda Reed

INTEGRATED MATH I A-G Approved-10 CREDITS. This is the first course in a sequence of three integrated courses for high school. The course is intended to provide students the extension of foundational geometry, algebra and statistical concepts from middle school math. Students build upon linear and exponential functions, congruence, proof and transformation, and descriptive statistics. The problem situations and models used help foster connections among the various strands of mathematics.

INTEGRATED MATH II A-G Approved-10 CREDITS. In this course students build upon work with exponential functions and extend this knowledge to quadratic functions. Additionally, a deeper understanding of number and quantity and expressions are developed through the thorough manipulation of expressions and equations. Students apply earlier experience with dilations and proportional reasoning to develop a formal understanding of triangle similarity.

INTEGRATED MATH III A-G Approved-10 Credits. Prerequisite: Integrated Math II or equivalent In this third and final course of the integrated math sequence, application of mathematics learned from earlier courses is the focus. Students expand their understanding of functions to include polynomial, rational and radical functions. In addition, they consolidate geometry and the functions to create models and solve contextual problems. Finally, students apply methods from probability and statistics to draw inferences and conclusions from data; and expand right triangle trigonometry to include general triangles.

ADVANCED MATH - A-G Approved-10 Credits.

AP CALCULUS AB - GRADES 10-12 A-G Approved-10 CREDITS. Prerequisite: “B” in Advanced Mathematics 1B or equivalent. This is a standard college-level course in analytical geometry and calculus. The course includes analytics of the straight line and conics, differentiation and integration of algebraic functions, and applications.

COLLEGE PREPARATORY MATHEMATICS 10 CREDITS. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Math II This course was designed by PUSD Math faculty in collaboration with the Mathematics division at Pasadena City College. The course is designed to reinforce foundations in basic Mathematics and Algebra, and prepare students to successfully place them into college-level mathematics upon matriculation. Students who earn a B or higher in the course receive automatic placement to a college level course and are excused from placement tests.

NOTE – UC Requirements: 30 Math units (three years) are required, including Integrated Math III.

Math Department