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World Language Department

Ms. Gabrielle Gonzalez Madrigal, Ms. Lysandra Arfaoui, Ms. Mirian Mehann, and Ms. Johanna Moore

The primary goal of the World Languages Department is to provide students the opportunity to develop proficiency in a language other than English. Students will build their understanding of  the structure of the target language by drawing comparisons to their own languages, which in turn will enhance their awareness of their own language structure. The goal of the World Language department is to implement a standards based curriculum that will meet or exceed State of California content standards. All courses listed meet the Foreign Language requirements for the University of California and the California State Universities, when the final course grade is a C or better (two years required, three years recommended for Cal State/UC entrance).

SPANISH 1P - GRADES 9-12. A-G Approved-10 CREDITS This course teaches fundamentals of Spanish, both oral and written. Grammar is studied in simple dialogues and narration. The vocabulary is controlled. Verbs are limited to present and progressive tenses.

SPANISH 2P - GRADES 10-12. A-G Approved-10 CREDITS Prerequisite: “C” or better in Spanish 1P This course provides deeper insight into grammatical constructions and their application. The vocabulary is greatly enlarged. Spanish 2P emphasizes learning the preterits, the imperfect, and introduces the future, conditional, and the perfect tenses.

SPANISH 3P - GRADES 10-12. A-G Approved-10 CREDITS Prerequisite: “C” or better in Spanish 2P 25 This course develops skill in speaking and comprehending Spanish. It enlarges vocabulary via more advanced composition and a wider reading program. Grammar study includes the subjunctive tenses. Reading selections in Spanish and Latin American history and culture are provided, and the course is conducted in Spanish.

AP SPANISH LANGUAGE – GRADES 11-12. A-G Approved-10 CREDITS Prerequisite: Teacher Approval This course places emphasis upon the reinforcement and enrichment of the student’s Spanish vocabulary. This is done through listening-comprehension exercises, literary and cultural selections on tapes and records, teacher lectures, and student reports on literary and cultural subjects. Composition work is introduced to teach greater skill in written expression. The purpose of this course is to prepare students for the Advanced Placement Exam in Spanish.