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Pre-College Checklist

Check list for John Muir Seniors

College Applications- Check deadlines

UC Application, Due Now –Nov 30th

Cal State Application, Due Now –Nov 30th


The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) provides assistance through mentorship, academic programs, financial assistance, counseling/advising, and other campus support services to those who are first-generation college students, and/or from low-income and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. To be considered for EOP, you should indicate your interest when you complete the online college application, then you must fill out the EOP Application.  

          I have signed up for EOP through the UC and Cal state Applications

           I have completed the EOP Application

 SAT/ACT  (Ask for a Fee waiver if you are a Puente or Free Lunch Student)

I have taken the SAT/ACT or am registered for a test

I will register for the SAT, or the ACT by Nov 2

Biliteracy Award:  if you took AP Spanish or are taking AP Spanish and have always received A and B grades in Spanish and English, then you qualify for this award.  If you have not take/or are not taking AP Spanish  then you can take the SAT Subject test in Spanish to qualify. You should also have passed your SBAC English test with a 3 or 4.

I qualify for the Biliteracy Award through my grades in Spanish classes and English classes

I need to take the SAT subject to qualify

I do not qualify for the Biliteracy Award


Create a Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID at You will need this in order to complete your FAFSA.

Your parent/guardian will also need to create an FSA ID.

Check with colleges to which you are applying to determine if you need to complete the CSS/Financial Aid Profile

If you are an undocumented/DACA/AB540 student, fill out the dream act.    

 You will need:

Your parent(s) last year's Federal Income Tax Return (Only the first 2 pages). If your parent(s) have not filed their taxes bring previous Tax Return or the FAFSA Worksheet.

Your Social Security Card/alien registration card or permanent resident card.  It is important that you enter your Number correctly.

Parent(s) date of birth and if they are LEGALLY married/divorced/separated; the month and year they were married/divorced/separated.

Generic  Scholarship;

Please include (in this order):

1) Two letters of recommendation

          2)  Unofficial transcript

3) SAT or ACT scores printed from computer

          4) Resume or brag sheet (including school activities, community activities and awards)

          5) Copy of Community Service Hours/Intern Hours

          6) A personal statement on your plans after high school, as well as what motivates you.

7) A short essay on something you have accomplished that you are proud of.


John Muir website:     UC Doorways for Muir A-G Classes:

For UC applications, go to

For CA State applications, go to  For the Common App go to

To Apply to PCC, go to

To apply for the SAT Reasoning SAT Subject tests or ACT go to

For Scholarships, go to   and and

For NCAA Clearinghouse, go to

Beginning Oct 1, for FAFSA go to

Cal Grant status:                    Dream Act Application:

To compare colleges and get information go to or