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What is Early College?



John Muir High School Early College Magnet Overview

In collaboration with Pasadena City College (PCC), students engage in a rigorous, four-year program, earning up to two years of transferable college credit while in high school. 

Pasadena City College has a Northwest Campus located at John Muir High School. Early College courses are offered through PCC on John Muir’s campus. 

Early College students are enrolled in one of three career-focused academies. Academies are aligned with students interests and career goals, and are supported by leading industry partners who provide career-related experiential learning including field trips, job shadows, internships and guest speakers.

Unmatched College Savings

Early College @ John Muir High School is tuition FREE.

  • All fees, books, and course materials are waived for dual enrollment courses.
  • Save an average of $1,500-$15,000 per year in tuition and fees.
  • Complete up to two years of college at the time of high school graduation.


Public College or University

Approximate Tuition and Fees Per Year

California Community College


California State University


University of California


Early College @ John Muir High School



Comprehensive Student Support

  •  Tutors, mentors, and an Early College Counselor are available for guidance and personalized academic advisement.
  • Muir and PCC provide tutoring services, college application assistance, and financial aid workshops, and SAT Prep classes. 
  • All freshmen learn AVID strategies and begin their Early College journey with an introductory college course to build stamina for college-level courses.
  • Students participate in a weekly Early College Seminar to develop their 10-year education plan and participate in college and career workshops.


Benefits of an Early College Magnet Education

  • Students save time and money by earning CSU/UC transferable college credits for FREE while in high school.
  • Early College students are guided every step of the way by multiple mentors including additional counselors to ensure success in rigorous college courses.
  • Students have access to additional advisement and tutoring support including a weekly advisement course, “Early College Seminar”.
  • Parents learn about current college processes and procedures through family workshops which include topics such as financial aid and college entry examinations.
  • John Muir High School Early College Magnet is the ONLY Early College program at a comprehensive, career-themed academy high school. This means that students gain access to job shadows, internships, guest speakers, business partners, student-run enterprises, and career-themed field trips.
  • A high school student who takes at least one college course while in high school is more likely to attend college and graduate.


Ways to Earn College Credit at John Muir High School Early College Magnet

Dual Enrollment

  • Classes are taken during the high school day on the John Muir Campus.
  • Classes are taught by PCC Faculty.
  • Classes will be with John Muir students.
  • Early College staff communicates with Professors.
  • Students receive both high school credit and college credit upon successful completion of the course.
  • Support from Early College staff at Muir
  • Student DOES NOT pay any fees, books, or materials cost.

Concurrent Enrollment

  • Classes are taken after the students’ high school day on the PCC Main and/or NW Campus.
  • Classes are taught by PCC Faculty.
  • Classes will be with anyone who registers at PCC (adults, students)
  • No communication with Early College staff.
  • Course credit is posted on the students' PCC transcripts.  It is the students' responsibility to submit PCC transcripts to the high school to apply any applicable credits to high school transcripts.
  • Studen DOES NOT pay any fees, books, or mateials cost.
  • Students are required to submit approval forms every semester.  Click HERE for step-by-step instructions and forms.

John Muir High School additionally offers Advanced Placement (AP) Courses.