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PUSD Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

 Graduation Requirements for the class of 2020 and beyond

 4 Years English                  

 40 units

 English I


 English II


 English III


 English IV


 3 Years Mathematics                    

 30 units

 Math I


 Math II


 Math Elective


3 Years Science (2 years Laboratory Science)

 30 units                        

 1 year Biology (life sci lab)


 1 year Chemistry or Physics


 1 year Science elective (Chem,Phys, Biothech, AP bio, etc...)


 3 Years History/ Social Science   

 30 units

 World History-10th


 US History – 11th


 Government & Economics-12th


 Physical Education (PE)              

20 units

 World Language                         

10 units

 Visual & Performing  Arts        

10 units


10 units


40 unit

                 Total Units (minimum)                                           

220 units


 Community Service

40 Hours

 Senior Portfolio/Defense