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11th Grade: Junior

Juniors! This is a BIG YEAR!

This is your 3rd year of high school when a lot of college prep begins! One step closer to graduation! Remember that the Graduate Portfolio & Defense is a graduation requirement!

At this point, you should have at least 8 artifacts (or assignments) in your portfolio. This year you will be adding 4 more!

There are 4 categories of assignments that can go into your portfolio we look for in your portfolios.

Creativity & Innovation      Research      Reflection      Oral Communication (Presentations)

You need to add at least 1 Creativity & Innovation artifact and at least 1 Research artifact. The other 2 can be your choice of any of the 4 categories.

By the end of junior year, you should have 12 artifacts total! This way you can start your senior year ready to roll with your portfolio defense.

Stay tuned for more information!