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Library Policies


Library Policies


The library is a place to come for independent research, classroom projects, pleasure reading and special events.  We look forward to seeing you here!

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This is not applicable during Covid:
Students may use the library before school, during nutrition break, lunch, and after school.  During the school day, the library is open for class visits and for students with a pass from a teacher. Students will be asked to sign-in when arriving with a pass. 
*The library may be closed during these hours if a class visit or a meeting has been scheduled.
^Open by appointment for class visits

All students will be issued a Student ID card with a barcode of their permanent ID number by the Student Services Office Rm. A125.  Don't forget to bring it to school every day.  Replacement ID cards are available in Rm. A125 for a fee.

You will need this card to check out books and to use the Chrome Book computers.

There is no limit to the number of books a student may check out. It is up to each individual student how many books they choose to be responsible for.
Magazines and books labeled Reference may only be used in the library.

Books circulate for two weeks. They may be renewed as many times as needed to complete it as long as it is not requested by another student or needed for a class research assignment.

Books may be returned by placing them in the book drop at the library entrance or the book drop at the circulation desk. Treat the books with care both in and out of the library. Materials must be returned in good condition or there will be a charge.